Energy saving




What is an energy saver?

It is an electrical device which, once connected to your private network, will reduce the electricity consumption of your facility.

ahorrador energetico

How does it work?

It stores the peaks of active power which are produced during the energy supply, being later injected in the private facility in a useful way. Given that the surplus energy is not wasted and gets stored, the amount of supplied energy gets reduced, consequently reducing the invoice amount.

Therefore, our devices reduce substantially the volume of the electric companies invoices.

After carrying out an exhaustive market research, laboratory tests and several sectors of activity, it was concluded that our technology can save up to 30% of the consumption, with a minimum guaranteed of 10%


beneficios ahorrador energetico

  • Advanced technology, low maintenance and long life with proven efficacy.
  • Consumption savings in KW from 10% guaranteed up to 30%
  • Stabilization of the electrical installation.
  • Protection of electronic equipment against power surge.
  • Reactive power compensation, eliminating possible penalties on the part of the power supplier.
  • Substantial reduction of breakdowns.
  • Significant increase in the useful life of electronic equipment.
  • Increases in the facility security, elimination risks of short circuits due to heat.
  • Maximum use of energy, thus contributing to the environment.

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