Intelligent analysis and monitoring

Our company, in its continuous evolution and improvement of solutions for the client, has implemented, within the services that loans, “intelligent analysis and monitoring “of the electrical installation, for the purpose of obtaining an energy improvement, looking for savings and optimization of energy consumption.

Functions And Object

With this service, complementary and of added value to our teams, We provide information (could be up to daily) of the consumption curves of the client, not only to verify the efficiency of our equipment, but also to alert of supply failures (power outages), changes or peaks of consumption or reactive production, consumption of lines of work outside periods, comparative consumption, alerts, etc. Intelligent analysis and monitoring is carried out through a sophisticated software that analyzes in detail the reading of consumption curves extracted directly from the client’s counter. The potential of the platform allows to generate a multitude of reports on the behavior of the installation of our client, so that we provide very valuable information for the monitoring of the project that of “energy efficiency” that the client has trusted.

The Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent analysis is the first step for the control and monitoring of our energy efficiency equipment. This service has no cost for the client and with the We intend to add value to our TP series equipment, through the delivers to the client a series of high-value reports in relation to the behavior that had its installation before placing the equipment corresponding and the one that has subsequently, making the comparative corresponding and analyzing the influence of our team in said behavior on the values ​​of energy consumed, both active, reactive, and power. All information comes from the company’s accountant installed to the client, so the validity of the data is absolute.

Next, we mention the main functions we perform, as well as the reports that are generated automatically for the client:

– Obtaining consumption curves and report of incidents by reading the customer’s counter (except for “Prime” counters)
– Analysis and interpretation of the information obtained through the GCE platform.
– Creation of the “ENERGY EFFICIENCY” project with the line Follow-up base based on the performance of our teams of energy saving of the TP series.
– Generation of reports with sending to the client via mail, with Quarterly periodicity:

  • Report on “Analysis and Calculation of Cos Phi and Simulation of Reactive Energy Production “


  • Report of “Comparison of Periods”. By default, it
    compare one month with the previous one in terms of costs and
    Energy production.
  • Report on “Project status information” (from
    of the third month).

Energy Monitoring and Surveillance (annual contract)

Through very low cost solutions, such as telephoning the meter company or the virtual gateways, we have the possibility to offer our customers monitoring services and energy monitoring.

These services are composed of analyzes, reports, alarms and alerts by which Green Corporate Energy establishes monthly or annual payments to its clients depending on the type of alarm and service that is being offered or requested. Alarms can range from the most widespread (such as those seen below) to others designed for customers and concrete facilities.

The hourly analysis of consumption curves from face-to-face readings, telemetered to the meter or individual lines through submetering allow to study the behavior of facilities throughout the different hours of the day.
These analyzes can be done by selecting the entire period or by filtering only the schedules that you want to choose, for example, to see the consumption in productive period or when there is nobody



Thanks to the MONITORING, our platform allows the simulation of electric bills, so that the invoices that reach our customers by the marketer can be satisfied.
In turn, for massive deployments, we are also able to validate electronic invoices in XML format of up to 50 points in a single shipment, allowing an automatic and agile invoice verification of multipoint facilities.

Heat maps, both daily and by days of the week, bring to light patterns of behavior, anomalous consumption and carelessness that the client can discover and identify.
The filtering capacity per days of the week and hours allows for very precise studies of different behavior modes in the facilities.



Through the MONITORING can detect consumptions after hours and send notices via email or teleact on relays * to turn off lines.
These oversights may be caused by failures or deconfiguration in programmers or human carelessness.


The optimization of the contracted power has associated the assumption of the payment of certain penalties for excess power. In some rates these can be especially criticisms and avoiding them can save important payments to customers.

“Power Optimization” report.

MONITORING IN REAL TIME allows us to anticipate these excesses and notify our client
or act on these lines * for load shedding.


(*) Requires complementary equipment

Through the MONITORING, the fault in the compensation systems of the Reactive energy.
These failures can result in very expensive penalties for our client, and their detection early is an essential service for us. As is already known, our teams of Energy efficiency of the TP series perform the function of compensating and reducing reactive energy, but they are also compatible and work in parallel with other systems such as batteries of capacitors, helping them to function more efficiently and prolong their useful life, besides complementing them in cases of peaks or demands higher than those that were initially sized.


The cuts and micro-cuts from 1 second are detectable and are recorded in the company counter. By MONITORING these faults can be detected in the electricity supply.
This monitoring can be configured to send warning alarms at the moment in which it is detected that one of these incidents has occurred, as well as being able to cross it with other data of the installation to see the effect it may have had.
These breakdowns can be critical in installations that have to maintain refrigerated chambers, example.
Immediate customer notification is one of the services we can offer. In addition, the GREEN CORPORATE ENERGY platform can provide details of the cut extracted directly from the meter, which shows that there has been an interruption of the supply, necessary to make any claim for damages.



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